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You may have seen in the news this week that Toyota, which famously did the right thing last summer by suspending donations to members of Congress who objected to the results of the 2020 election in the wake of the January 6, 2021 insurrection at our nation's capitol, has quietly started shuffling money their way again.

Quietly. As in someone had to notice and ask Toyota about it before it acknowledged (in an email to CBS MoneyWatch) it "has resumed contributions to some members of Congress. We will not support those who, by their words and actions, create an atmosphere that incites violence," the company added. No, Toyota. Every elected official or candidate who calls into question the legitimacy of a free and fair election without evidence is---by definition---creating an atmosphere that incites violence. You need to ask for your money back and stop now.

Both of my now-grown children's grandfathers risked their lives to defend freedom and democracy---my dad volunteered for two tours in the South Pacific in World War II---essentially the entire war. Their maternal grandfather was a naval commander in both World War II and Korea. My stepdaughters' grandad fought in Korea.

I take this sedition stuff really seriously and more than a little personally. Some principles aren't negotiable. The internet is full of hot takes and it doesn't need another one. After a day's thought, here's this site's decision:

Toyota, more than ever, needs to be held accountable. That includes their products. To simply not review Toyotas and Lexuses would result in one less source of information to buyers making the second-biggest purchase (for some, with home affordability where it is, the biggest) they'll make in their lifetimes. So we join the chorus of outraged Americans who are telling Toyota they've got it wrong. We urge them to reconsider.

Will this color our reviews of their products? No. A review of the two-year history of this site will show that Toyota and Lexus products get both praise and criticism where deserved. That will not change.

Hopefully Toyota's policy about which political candidates it supports will.

---Mike Hagerty, Publisher/Editor,


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